Innovative Pet Products Brands

Innovative Pet Products is an Australian company that brings you an innovative range of quality goods for pets. We are passionate about pet’s health, play and fitness, so we created a variety of unique pet accessories and products to fit into every stage of a cat or dog’s life.

Our principle products are either patented or patent application are in progress. This means all of our products are original inventions and designs. We offer you unique new, freshly invented pet products not offered by any other organisation. From our revolutionary slow feeders, our unique cat hairball removing bowls, our oral and dental health pet bowls, through to the most versatile ball thrower in the world; we guarantee that you and your customers will love our unique, premium products.

OH Bowl™ for Dogs

The brand’s commitment to pet oral health continues. Pet dental and vet costs are high. Prevention is the best course of action for the pet owner. Any product that helps with the pet’s health is important and should be available in every prestige pet outlet.


The OH Bowl™ is the world’s first vet developed Oral Health bowls for cats and dogs. Designed to assist in preventing or lessen problems with dental calculus and bad breath. All pet owners worry about pet dental issues at some stage. With few dog dental care products currently existing on the market OH Bowl™ should be the public’s first choice. The brand will keep developing healthy pet bowls to fill the increasing need.

OH Bowl™ for Cats

There is no physical or preventative hairball treatment or remedy products available on the market, with the exception of drugs. OH Bowl™ hairball reducing bowl is the first device to tackle the problem. This newly invented and revolutionary cat bowl has no competition. It stands alone.

The number one health issue with cats is hairballs followed closely by gum disease and the Cat OH Bowl™ attacks both. We predict this product will be a number one go to aid for the customer and the retailer. We expect great things from this new patented approach to the problems.


The world’s best and most versatile ball launcher. Unlike most ball throwers Throbizz™ is the only ball launcher to pick up any size ball, any textures and many quirky shapes. With its unique flexible fingered and anti-lofting design, Throbizz™ launches forward and further instead of (like most throwers) skyward then forward losing velocity and distance.

The thrower will be presented in store with a range of currently 10 balls and toys. The concept is that of a games centre for dogs and human interaction. The toy and ball range will keep being added to. Most balls hold treats so doubling the usage. Our range of pet balls and toys current and future will all be able to be thrown by the thrower, so the brand is built around the unique abilities of the thrower.

The Throbizz™ brand focuses on ball based outdoor fun and activity, enriching fitness, fun and friendship for pet and owner. The world’s most versatile ball launcher.

Our series of in-house designed premium quality pet balls and indestructible rubber pet toys are all compatible with the Throbizz™ ball thrower. Whether an animal shape, round or multi-faceted, all our balls can be thrown with ease with a Throbizz™ thrower.


Revolutionary approach to slowing a dog’s eating or gulping. By changing from a bowl to a plate a much bigger surface area is available to the feeding dog. All food is in plain sight and does not have to be chased so avoiding frustration. We simply designed a device that splits the meal into multi mini meals by spreading the measure into lots of small shallow pockets. The dog simply eats one mini meal at a time. If the dog tries to eat from two pockets at a time the food just falls from the dog’s open mouth. We anticipate many more plate designs as we break from the traditional approach to dog’s healthy eating.


We currently have three products in the range but early research shows this area to be wide open for new and innovative ideas. We have developed a fresh approach to keeping dogs amused and entertained while the owner is absent. Dogs can get bored, anxious, feel lonely and show destructive behaviour. Enriching a dog’s environment with toys and treats are the simplest way of fixing this behaviour. Dogs love to lick and engage with food. Increasing licking encourages the release of endorphins which relaxes and satisfies pets. So Industripet has invented a series of simple boredom buster solutions called Lickimat™. Spread with your dog or cat's favourite soft treat and they'll lick away merrily, keeping them relaxed with the added benefit of cleaning the tongue, freshening breath and stimulation saliva production to clean the mouth and aid digestion.